Tuesday, June 6, 2017


 Furby came into rescue with his "wife" Baby Girl/BG and his son, Rocky.  I kept Furby here for two months to help him overcome serious health issues.   He could see again, and move more easily.  His skin was healing.  We have great vets that we use and we are so grateful to them!!
 Furby had no one to play with here, so we did a day trip to take him to his son's foster home.   I knew they had been very bonded and playful with each other.
 Rocky seemed to be looking for him.  But, when they saw each other, there was no recognition!  Even dogs who don't know each other will react-- and Rocky and Furby were almost intentionally ignoring each other.  What was happening??!
 Duke welcomed Furby to the home and slept with him.   Rocky slept elsewhere!
 Was this going to work?  I was so sure Furby and Rocky should be back together.
 And then......
....it happened!    They began to notice each other and play.  Oreo really wanted to be involved!
 And so did Duke!
 Rocky and Furby began to play and roll around together like I had seen at my house.
 They DID remember each other!!
 They looked like one dog as they tussled and rolled around.
 Play biting and the other Pekes just watched, hoping they would be let in on the play.
 Duke really wants to join, but Furby said, "WAIT YOUR TURN!"

 Now to find them a home together where they can live and be happy.   Furby is no youngster at 12 1/2, but he is energetic and loving.  Rocky is 8 1/2, and is a timid, sweetheart of a dog.  If you are interested in adopting these precious pair, just email us at potomacpekes1@gmail.com   

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LadyJicky said...

Oh Fantastic !!!

They did remember and they loved it!
The photos of them playing lifted my heart Linda .... I have been having a hard time lately.... my Mum is in hospital and at 82 she is not well.

Coco and I are now about to do an Adoption Dance for Two Pekes that must be together forever!