Monday, June 5, 2017


 I had to post this picture of Gizzy again-- he adores his dad.  His adores his mom, too, but I do not have a picture of her. :-)
 I told you I would share what Gizzy's mom and dad did to help him overcome his health issues that were a result of severe allergies.   I have taken tips from them to help my own two allergy dogs.
 Gizzy used to get baths more often, but he is stable now and so once a week, he has a spa day.   Each day, though, they check his skin to see if he has any break outs -- any new bumps on him.  Any "crusty bumps" are cleaned well when they are seen and a grooming brush is used to remove any crusty bits ready to come off.  Then, the area is cleaned with a Clorhexadrine pad.  The pads are also used for cleaning his face folds, feet, and ear flaps when they appear red and he seems to be licking them or itching them. (I have posted pictures of each product they use at the end of this blog.  You can check with your vet before using any of them, to see if this is a good choice for your pet.  I am not vets and I always work with my vet on any treatment I am doing.)
 Tim wrote this about Gizzy's food:
"For food we have him on a strict diet of green beans, carrots, and baked sweet potato alternately mixed with Science Diet D/D (both crunchy and canned) and Primal Freeze Dried Nuggets - Venison formula (aka venison biscuit, they are shaped like little biscuits that crumble easily).  We do a mix of one of each for each meal.  So one day will be Green Beans and crunchy kibble and another day will be canned food and carrots and another will be sweet potato and venison biscuit.  We feed once a day in the evenings.  We've tried twice a day feedings but they don't eat in the mornings and we have to make sure they are fed separately because Doolin gets different food that isn't okay for Gizzy but Gizzy would love to get some. When Doolin is done we quickly take his plate up or Gizzy will casually float over and before you know it, he's licked the finish off the plate.

For treats we give 4 different kinds:  Zukes clean berry Zbones, Zukes apple Zbones, Zukes venison Zfilets, and Virbac C.E.T VeggieDent sticks."  
(I have begun my two allergy dogs on Derm Defense, like the Science Diet, D/D, and it has helped a lot.  I also use Allergy treats that are made by Science Diet that go with the food they eat.  I use a similar shampoo to Gizzy's and also an Oatmeal/Aloe shampoo to help soothe the skin.  I have learned so much from Tim sharing with me over the past year.)
At the end of the day, Gizzy snuggles in his mom or dad's lap.   He is a loved, contented boy.

{Gizzy is so well cared for and even his vet has made notes on his care so she can share it with other clients.   Having an allergy dog may not be the easiest thing-- we want to give them treats that may not be good for them.  Diligence is worth it though, because your pet will improve so much!!  Thank you for sharing, Gizzy!!}

{Gizzy's dad gets all bath and cleaning supplies through Amazon and the treats and food are a mix of Amazon and Chewy.Com.  Your own vet may carry a lot of these.  My vet does, which makes it easy to just pick them up. :-) }

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LadyJicky said...

Allergy dogs and cats are hard to deal with but Gizzy was one lucky dog with his new family! OMG are they "on top of it" all and what great results... Mr Gizzy looks super fine!!!
I have learnt a lot too Linda!!!