Thursday, June 22, 2017


 Maggie was adopted by Kay and Claretta and they really do birthdays!!
 They cranked up the air conditioning and off they went.  Maggie loves car washes, so they went there.   Water, water, swish swish....
 Next they went to McDonald's where she got a burger.  Don't worry, no onions!
 Then, she took a walk in one of her favorite parks where she sniffed the flowers.
 Then, it was off to Maxie B's for a doggie cupcake!  
Maggie is Baby Girl's (BG) foster sister and I'll do an update on her soon.  But, today I just wanted to show how much Maggie enjoyed her birthday a few weeks ago.  She turned 13 and still looks so beautiful!   I know her birthday was wonderful!


LadyJicky said...

Now that was some birthday! Lots of special treats :)

* Looks so young for a doggie 13 too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lost Earring said...

What a joy, adoptive parents who treats their Fur Babies to birthdays and Maggie's is a prime example. The car wash, walks in the park, smelling flowers, a trip to MickeyDee's or some other favorite food place, a birthday cake...and the works. Lovely.

I'll take these stories any day of the week over pictures of abused Fur Babies. It truly distresses me to see them on Facebook.

Teresa Jura said...

Awesome birthday party.Maggie and her pet parents are very lucky.