Friday, June 9, 2017


 Sophie heard that Floyd was having a hard time.  That upset her so much!!
 So, she sent him an email.
 She asked her mom to type it out and here is what she said.
 "Hi, Floyd, (Here is Floyd at the vet, using a doggy stroller so he is more comfortable.)
 "Sophie here.  From one "one eyed girl" to a sweet "one eyed boy"....
 I wanted to tell you to hang in there.  (Floyd was pacing at the vet-- he was just not comfortable.)
 I hope your new pain med dose does the trick for you and makes you feel better and more comfortable.
 We love you here in Richmond, VA, and I say prayers for you with mom every night before we go night night.
 You are very handsome and if I could tolerate other dogs, you would be my first choice for a boyfriend!
My mom and I love you and are sending you good thoughts, prayers and hopes that you get some relief from your pain.   I love you, Sophie"

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