Thursday, June 29, 2017


I previously wrote on Charlie last week.  He needed help because of oral fistulas going up from the mouth to his nasal passage.  The specialist gave us "pause" and we were not sure we could help Charlie.  But, after the rescue committee put their heads together, we decided to try one more thing.  
 We took Charlie to my vet in Virginia Beach.  My vet is amazing and it's a large clinic.  Some of the vets specialize in dentals and so we thought we would try again.  
 We moved Charlie temporarily to a foster home near me with Sherry (who fostered Joyful Grace).   He went to the vet yesterday.  He was a little unsure.
 Mattie went with me.   She loves me and is thrilled if she gets to go places with me.  (She will be a tough one to let go, but she will be adopted with Benjamin and I know I'll get lots of updates.)
 Dr. Meador looked over Charlie.   His face is sensitive-- understandably.   The only way to really see into his mouth is under sedation.
 Matt and Charlie thought the other was cute--
 "You're not Benjamin."  
 Mattie gave her "flying Nun" look and let Charlie know we would take good care of him.
 She said a little prayer and it was answered!  The vet is going to try to correct Charlie's mouth on Friday.  They are fitting him in because his case is very severe.  With two fistulas in his mouth, he has a high chance of getting food in them, and possibly aspirating on it.
Charlie will be in good hands with my vet.  If anyone can correct this, she can.   If you would like to help with Charlie's surgery costs, just let us know.  You can message me and I can tell you how. (Or you can go to our website and click on "donate."  Click here: Potomac Valley Pekingese Club - Donate Now
Please lift up Charlie on Friday as he goes through surgery.  I hope it will be successful and we can give this little one years of joy.   I'll update you as soon as I can.


LadyJicky said...

Will be thinking and praying for little Charlie on Friday.

Thetazva said...

Prayers for the little guy, may he come through feeling better and stay well. Thanks for all you all do for these little ones.