Saturday, June 3, 2017


 Gizzy came into rescue with a lot of allergy issues.   His foster mom and dad were FABULOUS!!  
 We have great foster homes in our rescue, but this one saw the challenge this little boy was facing and hit it head on.
 Gizzy saw a specialist, got on special food and had a lot of special baths.
 That was good, but they wanted more.
 He is the sweetest boy, he loves his tennis balls.  
 His foster mom and dad kept working to help him to be super healthy.  
 He was adopted by them last Christmas-- the only gift his dad wanted.   Doolin wanted it, too!
 I will be sharing more of his healing journey on Monday.  Routine, shampoos, food... If you have an allergy dog, you won't want to miss this one.   Tim, Gizzy's dad, shared it all with me and it has helped me!  (My Kai Kai and Chumley are both allergy dogs.)
Can you tell they love each other?? :-)

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LadyJicky said...

My Moi Moi had some allergies and poor old Coco has pancreatitis so some foods make her very sore and sick.
Finding the allergy sometimes is so hard .... the same in humans too.
I am so glad Gizzy has the BEST home and why not ... he is just super cute to boot!!! :)