Saturday, May 11, 2019


 I was so excited to meet Gizzy at the picnic.  He is a special one to me. Why?  Maybe because he was our foster dog twice in PVPC.  Maybe because he had so many health/skin issues.  Maybe because I got to know his mom and dad while they were fostering and caring for him and loving him.   Maybe because I watched him heal under their amazing care.  Maybe because he is just so special. 
 So, I was EXCITED to meet him in person and meet Tim and Colleen and Doolin.
 They met Piper (shown) and Paddington (who was probably being hugged by someone). 
 Gizzy just grinned for everyone and was so good at the picnic.  In fact, all the dogs did well.  One was nipped on the ear when he was trying to be friendly, but I was amazed at how well all the dogs did being around others they didn't know and all the greeting and "chaos" that day!
 He was ready for the drive home after a great visit.
I'm so glad they came to the picnic!!   It made my heart smile.

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LadyJicky said...

Oh Gizzy .... you are so cute and I really love those car seats!!!