Wednesday, May 8, 2019


 Granger contemplated the picnic.  He had a lot to say about it, so I'm sure I'll have an email from him soon.   He did have fun.  (We call him "the best bad dog ever" and it's in total fun.  He can be a pistol, but usually a lazy one haha.)
We had all kinds of Pekes there.   We had black and white ones.   (I can't get all the names straight, so let me know who is who.)
We had white ones-- Mr. Winks here.
We had regal looking ones.
We had Peke-wanna-bees. 
We had quite a crowd and we loved it!
Miss Lizzie was there-- all her tiny self.
Sweet Bridget was there.  I loved seeing her, since I helped transport her to her new home. 
Another Peke-wanna-bee.   Beautiful eyes! 
Ginger was there-- she's not a Peke, but she was rescued and that's great!  We welcome them all!
Is this Wu?  I'm not sure-- but what a glorious pose.
Sweet Gizzy.   I finally got to meet him and his mom and dad in person!!
Oh, I love your harness.
This is Buddy, who was a foster failure.
He loves his tiny best friend, Dusty. She's so small!! 
Monk and Nippy got to come-- 
Oh, his face.  He's SO CUTE!
Sweet Raymond--
He's an old boy, but I was thrilled that he could come. 
Bella and Simon had their summer cuts-- I love their stripes!
Simon was checking things out.
Here's Dusty again-- she's so small and gets carried around in a nap sack.  Her little legs get tired.
Bridget again-- I love those who will adopt a senior and give them a great life.  And Bridget has that.
Gizzy says he hopes everyone loved the picnic!! 

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LadyJicky said...

Oh Linda ...... you had a great "turn up" to the picnic!!!

Love all the pekes and the "want to be" Pekes too !