Wednesday, May 29, 2019


 Fushi, a female and Ming, a male, are a bonded pair who have just come into rescue and are being fostered in Richmond. 
 Their story is sad.  They were adopted from another rescue into a great home, but the owner suddenly passed away.   A relative of the owner took the two dogs from their home-- supposed to give them a home.   But, did she?  Nope!  She took them home to Wyoming and dumped them on a road.  Someone saw it happen and called Animal Control.   The dogs were picked up and they had microchips.   The owners granddaughter had put the dogs into her name (not the owners) in case something happened.  She was called and drove all the way to Wyoming to get them.  WOW. 
The rescue took them back and asked us for help since she usually had large dogs.  We gladly took them into our rescue and are giving them time to decompress from the shock of all they went through.   They will be available soon, to go to a new home together.   They are sweet dogs. 
(People are amazed at some of the stories we encounter in rescue-- they are unbelievable.  We have to focus on going forward.  We want to make their futures amazing.)


LadyJicky said...

I know you see and hear such terrible stories but you do your best to make that new story happy ! This story is getting better and better now your rescue has them.

As they were found roaming around in Wyoming Yum Yum and I are doing a Boot Scootin Adoption Dance for Ming and Fushi .... lets find them a Good Old Home - Yee-Haw !!!!

zapper said...

Hopefully, when somebody is standing at the pearly gates one of the questions will be "how did you treat the animals in your charge".