Tuesday, May 7, 2019


 Penny (Katrina of the Bristol 18) was beautiful at the picnic.   I will tell you, seeing so many former foster dogs, even if they weren't mine, did my heart good.  To see those whose life was changed by rescue is wonderful.
 Many came by wagon...
 ...wagons with "danger" signs to warn not to touch.  Loved this.  Harrison can be a bit testy, so his dad wanted others to know that.
 Harrison and his brother Andy (aka Mr. Rooney) were both adopted from us.
 Andy is Minnie's son and they look so much alike. 
 Bernie had a stroller. 
 Brody and Lily had a stroller, too.  It's a long way from New York, so they also used a car.  😄
 How many can fit in one wagon-- three!! 
Most of the dogs used cars to get there.  Makes sense LOL.   I have lots of pictures to share this week! 

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LadyJicky said...

So many Pekes in little wagons...... did they do a "Wagon in a Circle" like the Wild West???

Oh what fun ..... that Penny would be going home in a suitcase on a flight to Oz if I was there .... yes - I would PINCH her!!!!!

I wonder..... would I get past Boarder Control ???