Monday, May 20, 2019


 I've been a little extra busy lately.  I do dog rescue-- no secret there!   Petey is doing great. 
 I'm trying to learn to trim Piper-- I'm a Peke person and he's a Malti-Poo and SO sweet, but he needs facial trims. 
 I'm extra busy because my daughter teaches in S. Africa for three weeks every summer and I have the Bits more than normal.   Yes, that's my daughter on a cliff.  Yikes!
 She took her college students on a safari as part of their class.  They saw zebras, elephants, tigers and lions-- oh my!
 Sometimes, Sugar Bit doesn't want to get up.  She is NOT a morning child!
 I have the Bits, but the dogs still need to be fed and medicated and given eye drops..
 And even though most can get around fine in the house, five of them have to be carried in and out because they can't do stairs-- do I get in my daily number of steps?  Who knows, I don't count-- but I bet I get in a lot.
 Of course, I have to take time out for tummy rubs.  Paddington says "Me first!"
 And I may be busy, but if a shelter calls, I go if it's in my area.  And I got Mizmo.
 He was so filthy and neglected, but those are the ones who need us most.   He gets three eye drops three times a day-- spread out of course.    He gets antibiotics, and daily ten minute baths with special shampoo to heal his horrible skin.  He's doing better,  a little bit at a time.
He's coming out of his shell.  And Petey has a little crush on him.
I'm taking care of my Max, who is in kidney failure.  We go to the vet for his care a lot.   He's hanging in there.
My Kai Kai is still my heart boy, and needs carrying everywhere.  I even tap the water dish with my ring so he can find it.  I love this dog.
We are extra busy here-- but then I see the Peke faces-- and the Malti-Poo face-- and the Bit faces, and I keep going and somehow I have the energy to do "one more thing."   They are all worth it!! 


LadyJicky said...

Linda...... you do not need to go to the gym for exercise !!!!

Lost Earring said...

You do a lot so it's doubtful that you need a Fit-Bit watch to see if you are getting all of your steps per day in or not.

It's amazing in all that you do and the wonders you do with little filthy and neglected Pekingese that turns them into happy playful pups again when they were within inches of shut-down mode.

It takes a very special person to do all that you do day after day and I hope you are aware of how much Pekingese lovers who follow your journey appreciate everything you do. I know I'm one of those people.