Wednesday, May 15, 2019


I received an email requesting help.  This Peke was turned in to the shelter by his owner. He had been adopted from an spca years ago. 
He had NO medical care at all after that.  His skin was awful and so itchy.  Almost no hair and his ears were closed and swollen from infection.   He had no vaccines and probably cheap food. Would I take him. You bet. 
I named him Mizmo.  His name was Gizmo, but we have had SO many Gizmo dogs.  So, I altered it.  Little — well 15 pounds— Mizzy is at my vet. He had a soothing bath.  His remaining hair was cut short because it was so matted.  He was given a cytomel shot to help w the itching. His ears were packed w antibiotics.  His eyes have dry eye and ulcers so he has meds for that.  It will be a long journey and sometimes I ask myself why I do this.  Why do I see so much neglect?   Why do people just not care?   Why don’t they turn turn them in sooner if they can’t take care of them.  The questions of every rescuer.  We get angry and sad and mad... and then the care begins.  And we hope to see a great transformation and relief for a hurting body.  And it’s what we do.  One dog at a time.  One little heart at a time.  We are rescue. ❤️


Tom said...

You're a saint in what you do for these misfortunate living creatures.

Chris said...

SO. MUCH. RESPECT! They would be dust blown to the winds without you. I know why you do it: you are love.
Thank you for answering the call.

LadyJicky said...

Oh Linda.

Honestly .... when I saw and read this post ..... all I could do is say "Oh!"

So many people buy dogs and they find them fun and then a "pain in the neck" as they get older and require more work .
It happens here in Australia and around the world too. Just shocking.

Poor Mizmo but I know he is in a good place with you all at Rescue .