Thursday, May 23, 2019


 My sweet friend, Tara, lost her best friend, her partner, and her love last week.
 She and David had known each other for a long time and they were bonded in so many ways.
 They both adored their dogs.
 Crosby was the most recent one they adopted from us.
 They also adopted Triple-- who was one of our very special ones.  Triple had cancer and lost one of his legs while he was in rescue.  They got Triple a wheelchair and they posted a video of him on his first venture-- it was wonderful to see Triple moving fast and to hear David and Tara laughing.
 David was often on the floor with them.
 They enjoyed singing along with him.
 Or just laying there getting tummy rubs.
 Or maybe just vegging on the couch together.
 David was a true dog person.
 The dogs even allowed him a small part of the bed.  Funny how they can just take it over.
 The three dogs-- Maggie, Triple and Crosby were all loved and cared for.
 They had everything they needed.
 Tara's David became very sick last month.   He went through many surgeries and fought hard, but he could not overcome all the issues.  He passed away on May 14, 2019.   (He was born January 4, 1971.)   Tara said the last smile he gave was when he saw Triple-- he loved him so much. 
 Tara told me so much about him and I wanted to honor him for her.  She posted, "It was one of those love stories that people will talk about for years to come."   Their was a love story.
 We are with you, Tara, as you walk this new journey.   You and Maggie, and Triple and Crosby are in our hearts.
Remember that Dave LIVED.  And he had joy.
And he loved you.   ❤️


LadyJicky said...

My heart goes out to you Tara ..... what can one say but Yum Yum and I send huge hugs over the internet from Australia to you .

You can see in ALL of the photos just how much David loved his dogs and Tara , I bet he LOVED YOU THE SAME WAY TOO :) .....two hearts that meant to be together along with their dogs.

Hugs ((( )))

Toni Davis said...

What a beautiful tribute to his memory! Hugs coming from my house to theirs. One day at a time!

Joy said...

Brought tears to my eyes. You are so missed and loved Dave. Love always. Aunt Joy.

Kim said...

I am so so sorry for Tara's loss of David. He looks like a good man. My heart goes out to her.

Lost Earring said...

My heart broke when I learned that David was so sick and I cried as things worsened for David and Tara. Both were favorite people for me because of their large hearts and their love of Pekingese babies.

I pray that Tara's heart heals as well as the hearts of Crosby, Triple and Crosby as they labor through their loss of their beloved David. His capacity to love and care for their Fur Kids is an example we all learned from and followed.

RIP David, you are missed very much.

Dee Smith said...

What a lovely and giving man. I send many Blessings to all.