Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Asher-Amos Peke for a Day

This is Asher, now Amos. He was in a shelter near me and my daughter visited him.
He was an older gentleman, incredibly sweet. He was at the shelter 6 weeks and his time for just about up. They kept him longer than most that weren't adopted because of his nice temperament.
So many people won't adopt the older ones. But, they are wonderful! (We have a few older Pekes in rescue-- they are the best!) So, my daughter tried to find him a home.
And she found him one! So, I got to go to the shelter and pick him up. All my crates are smaller but I did find one he could fit in-- not for the long haul, but fine for going from the shelter to my house.
My Pekes were all behind the baby gate so I could bathe Amos and get to know him a little. He was so sweet. He found one of Max's tennis ball and kept bouncing it himself and running to get it. I threw it for him, too. Above, he's looking at a Peke size water dish--
He came to me with his ball! Max said he could have the ball to go to his new home.
And we were off! He was going to live in Charlottesville. We had taken him to the vet and we paid to have him checked out. I told the vet (who knows me well), "how much can I get for free." He wasn't surprised at all!
Amos was determined to stand the entire way to meet his new mom. I told him he could lay down on the nice blanket I put in there for him, Or he could get a drink from the water bowl.
He was trying so hard to help me, to encourage me on the trip. But, he was falling asleep on his feet! He leaned into my seat for a little support.
He finally gave up and decided to rest. He needed energy for this new adventure he was beginning.
And here he is with his new mom! She says Amos is the perfect dog. He gets lots of walks and attention and love. He now has a wonderful life. Thank you, Molly, for saving Amos! He was happy to be a "Peke for a day" at my house, but he happier being the dog he was always meant to be!


lady jicky said...

All the best in the world to Amos and Molly!!!!!!!

He looks like a great old boy and adopting older dogs is the best!!
No puppy problems - wish more people knew that too Linda!

Pekiegirl said...

What a cool story! I'm glad he got a good home!

Cris said...

Thank you to Linda's daughter (sorry I don't know her name) and thank you to Molly. Wonderful people like you that are taking care of these great dogs. It looks like you have a wonderful best friend in Amos! No more worries sweet boy you are HOME.