Friday, August 28, 2009

Campbell and His New Mom

Here's Campbell. He was abandoned to an animal shelter by his owner-- he's not even two years old! And SWEET!!
One of our Peke lovers fell in love with him at first sight!
She went to meet him, and Campbell fell in love with her! He went right to her for love and snuggles.
He even gave her a kiss- something he hadn't done with his foster mom.
He seemed quite content in her lap, knowing he was "HOME." When they got home, he even played peke-a-boo with her with a blanket. It's funny how some just know who their mom is going to be-- and Campbell is one of those Pekes. His mom emailed me and said, "HE'S PERFECT!"

We're so glad he found a loving place to live his life.


lady jicky said...

What a lovely boy campbell is - I love his big fat face. I just want to squeeze him!
I do wish Campbell and his lovely Mum all the best for the future. Some things are meant to be, aren't they!!!

Natalia said...

He's so adorable! He's got such a sweet face and looks incredibly content with his Mommy! I'm so happy he's found a home. Too cute!

Cris said...

Yay! Looks like that match was meant to be! I am so happy for Campbell and his foster mom. Well and who could resist such a face??I see lots of great memories just waiting to be made

Karin said...

He is beautiful! The connection Campbell and his new mom have is obvious, even through pictures ~ A perfect match!

My daughter was leaving for an interview when a stray/lost Boston Terrier jumped up to greet her this morning. Today's mission will be to find his owner. He is soo sweet and well-behaved. I'm getting a small taste of rescue:-)