Monday, August 17, 2009


Click here: Dog Flu Cases Reported in Fairfax Co. One of my blog readers, Cris, sent me this-- thanks Cris!! Symptoms of this dog flu include: sneezing, coughing, wheezing and a decreased appetite. It is critical for the dog to be seen by the veterinarian.
Remember Buffy-- here she is again!

Buffy loves everyone and every dog. She loves people no matter the age or size, child or adult.

She likes to be held for pictures.

Or sit on a lap with Tasha.

Children are fine, too! She and Tasha are getting attention from a little person.

As long as she has attention, she is great.

This is her Daddy-- she's on his lap. Ollie is in the middle and then Tasha has claimed the other lap. What a great place for her to live-- all the attention and social activity!

She gets to go to barbeques-- she's hoping for a bite!

Maybe someone over there will give me some!

Okay, no food, but another hug for her and Ollie is just fine.

More kids! Life is good!


lady jicky said...

I tell you, that Buffy is "networking"!!!! LOL

lady jicky said...

I forgot to mention the flu! I tell you, its Old Age!
Anyway, I take it , its not Parvo or Kennel cough?
Its been a bad flu'y year here in Australia this winter for humans ( I have a shocker and it just won't go - given to my from my lovely husband - of course! LOL) but I have not heard of any dogs getting it - except the poor dogs that do not get vacc by their owners I guess and then its Parvo etc.
I sure hope it does not move out amoungst all the states of the USA and then you just know other countries will get it too.