Friday, August 7, 2009

George and His Girls

This is Stitch, one of the dogs I fostered. He would not have come into rescue if we had not had enough foster homes. There are many out there like him that need help.
As I posted yesterday, our rescue group is temporarily closed for intake of needy Pekingese. I have contacted other groups and they are having similar problems finding places where these dogs can heal, be loved and find new lives. (JUST SO YOU KNOW, IF YOU ARE APPROVED TO FOSTER, AND YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH THE DOG, YOU HAVE FIRST CHOICE ON ADOPTING.) Many groups have run out of money and many are in debt. We have money, we just don't have places to put new ones. IF YOU CAN HELP OR HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE EMAIL ME AT HAVENINHIM@AOL.COM.
We need foster homes in Maryland and Virginia. We cover all veterinary bills if you have a foster dog. You do not have to cover any of the expenses.
George has a dream life-- he lives with all girl dogs. Well, maybe that's a dream life.
George is telling Jill to watch out for all those squirrels......
DiDi and her Dad ware watching the squirrels too...
Hanna is panting from chasing the squirrels.
Allie is trying to tell everyone the squirrels are gone cause she chased them off....
Jill is saying she really does not care one way or the other......
And then there's DiDi-- she decided not to sit with Dad. She doesn't care about the squirrels. She cares about her toy!
She is above caring about squirrels. :-)

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Karin said...

That's so sad that there are no more openings. I really wish I could help. I would love to move to Virginia.
Michigan animal shelters are overflowing with so many people leaving the state for jobs. My husband has been unemployed since January and now there's a chance I may be laid off due to more budget cuts in education.
The shelters are turning animals away but unfortunately it doesn't stop people from dropping off their pet after the shelter is closed.
We're dealing with some health issues with our oldest pom right now, he developed an abscess after a routine immunization. Luckily my daughter is going into the vet tech field and has been a huge help!
I'll keep you in my prayers, Linda.