Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pat's Josie

Josie's owner emailed me and said to thank all of you who have posted notes on this blog to give your sympathy and love. Here's what she said: "Thank you for putting Josie on your Blog and I appreciate all of the comments that have been posted. We are still having a hard time with this one. I guess losing 3 in 8 months is a hard blow to take. Thank you and everyone for all of your thoughts and prayers for Josie and us. Pat"
Again, we are so sorry for their loss.
This precious Peke puppy is Josie.
These were taken fourteen years ago, when Josie was an adorable Pekingese puppy.
The black ones are so beautiful-- I know, I saw that about all of them!
It is with great sadness that Pat let us know that Josie died this week. She had had major breathing issues, and had surgery in 2001 for laryngeal paralysis. She had eight more years after the surgery. Josie gave her family almost fifteen years of pure pleasure. She was a sweet, loving and beautiful girl. She fought hard through the years to live. Even though she had so many health issues, she remained a sweet girl. She loved everyone.
She is now sleeping with the angels and is with BJ and Molly.
We know how difficult it is to lose our Peke family members and I extend our sympathy from the Peke family to Pat, Joyce, and Glenna.


Jeanne said...

What a beautiful little girl. I'm so sorry for your loss. She will always be in your heart.

lady jicky said...

What a beautiful lady Josie was. I send my love to the family and may they in time get another wonderful peke.

Cris said...

You can tell in her sweet face that she was a beautiful loving member of the family. I am very sorry for you Dolly passed away on May 19th and she was 12. I like to think of her as my little guardian angel and your Josie is with you in spirit.....take care

Tracey said...

Josie is a beautiful Peke. And, I am sure is deeply missed. so hard to lose one that we love so much. All my best to the family that provided a loving environment for Josie.


Karin said...

Our precious pets give us so much joy during their relatively short time with us. My deepest sympathy to Josie's loving family.

Cate Bach said...

What a precious girl. I can tell she was full of life. She's beautiful!