Monday, August 24, 2009

Ollie and Buffy in August

Here's Ollie and Buffy again. I LOVE to receive pictures of our adopted dogs. Ollie was one of my foster dogs and Buffy was fostered in N.Va. They are both adored by their new family.
And they have become best friends. Sometimes, Buffy will lay her head on Ollie just to know he's close. They are both incredibly good with children and adults. They are both doing great and love each other more and more. I think these two were meant for each other.
Here is Buffy being precious! She obviously adoringly watching her dad just before his retirement party. She loves the backyard picnics because she gets lots of laps but her foster mom email everyone and tell them not to feed Ollie & Buffy. She does not want to take a chance of them getting something they should not have and everyone is very good about that.
Buffi's owner's nephew came by here on his way from Philidelphia to Duke University and Buffy and Ollie would not leave his side.
Buffy also lets her owners know when the deer are in the backyard. She starts growling and barking.
I think this deer spotted Buffy!! Is he afraid??
Buffy loves to nip at Ollie's ears and legs whenever anyone trys to pet Ollie and if he gets in someone's laps she is right there trying to jump up also but her legs are just too short. They are doing wonderful together.

Thanks for sharing more pictures of these wonderful Pekes!!


lady jicky said...

If someone told me that they came from the same litter - I would believe them! Very pretty Pekes.

Karin said...

Just precious!