Sunday, August 9, 2009

Granddaughter and Dogs/End of the Day

After a long day of play and fun, the dogs are all tired-- all NINE of them! The "granddogs" and my dogs and my foster dogs-- all ready to sleep.
Kallie, the chocolate lab of my daughter's, is curled up on a tiny Pekingese bed. She's all rolled up into a little ball so she can fit. And Max, with his ever-present ball, is asleep in front of her.
Wicket (my Scooter's dad) is resting by the school desk. He's ten now, but you'd never know it.
Here's Sweetie-Pi, also known as Pi-Pi. She found a comfy place in a corner. She is like a nanny to the grandgirls, watching over them, protecting them. One of the sweetest dogs in the world!
Lottie, Scooter's mom, and Cranberry's cousin, is loving her double layer dog bed. These dogs sure love a soft spot! Lottie is nine years old-- I gave her a terrible hair trim while she was here, but she likes it. And she's a farm dog, not a show dog. She was a very good sport putting up with me. My Cranberry adores Lottie-- it's so cute. She thinks Lottie is her mom.
Maggie and Scooter are in the front hallway-- sound asleep. Scooter's tongue never seems to fit in his mouth.
And Cranberry is in her domain at the top of the stairs. She is usually upstairs somewhere, or on the steps-- away from the chaos of all the dogs.
And then, last but not least, there is little Starlight. She is on the biggest dog bed we have and she will NOT share it. Tiny dog, big bed! She is allowed upstairs, but this is her favorite spot.


Karin said...

I think Lottie's haircut looks really good! You should see some of the haircuts I've given mine :-)
Did they all decide it was time to snooze at the same time?

Linda said...

Yes, at the end of the day, they all started to find places to rest. So cute. When I went upstairs, some did follow me! :-)