Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mo Mo and Wendell

A Peke friend in N. Virginia sent me pictures of her dogs. She had one Pekingese, Mo Mo, but was able to rescue another with medical needs from a place in the midwest. I'm so glad. These two puppies are so cute together!

I just got some more information on Wendel's eye condition. His owner said this:
"Mr. Wendel’s little eye has no vision, and his big eye only sees shadow per the vet. They said that if he doesn’t get this surgery, he will go completely blind so we are trying to do it asap. We have the consultation with the veterinary ophthalmologist on Friday (I had to take off of work because it is so far away!) I have him on a restasis for dogs sort of drop that helps him with his tear production, and a lubricant and an antibiotic eye lubricant (because he had a bad eye infection) and he gets all of that two times a day. He LOVES to get his eye medications. I put him on his side in my lap and rub his eye while I do it and he just about falls asleep! His vision is currently impaired because he has severe corneal pigmentation due to his eye being exposed 24 hours a day (because he can’t close it). They said that his vision will hopefully not get worse if we get him the surgery, but it won’t really ever get better. He doesn’t’ seem to mind though. The only things that he has a problem with are screen doors, glass doors, and seeing you when you are not next to him. He is very independent and will go exploring by himself, then if you are more than a few feet away from him, he starts franticly looking around and trying to find you. He has stopped doing as much though because he knows that we are there. He also barks at trees and fire hydrants and other things that have a strong urine odor on them until he gets up to them and establishes that they are not other dogs. We got dog insurance for both of the boys but we can’t find one that covers congenital defects so we are going to have to pay for the surgery out of pocket so we are going to have a fundraiser dog meet up to raise money for his eye surgery soon. "

We go to the dog park twice a week and he loves to play with the other dogs. He is a little wild man, and he loves to push around the big dogs. For some reason when he gets around dogs his own size, he turns into a baby and they beat him up! Either way, he loves it. Mo Mo…not so much… but we take them both because Mr. Wendel has such a good time. Mo Mo had never played with other dogs before we got him, so that is what we think is giving him a hard time. He had only been in a wire cage for his whole life. Mr. Wendel went from his cage and stayed at the rescue on a farm for a few weeks so he was used to playing with other dogs. Mo Mo stays glued to my side. He will sniff a few select dogs but he really only plays with two of the regulars and of course Mr. Wendel.

She said that the new one, Mr. Wendel, fits in with them like a glove. He LOVES going to the dog park. They are taking them on a trip to the beach soon.

This is Mo Mo- he's adorable! My email friend is a wonderful owner!! They boys get along really well and they love going out on the trails behind out house.

Mr. Wendel is going to have a canthoplasty in late September to close his eye all the way (right now, he can’t). They are taking him to a veterinary ophthalmologist in Annapolis, MD.

If you want to see more pictures of these two, and some videos, go to: Mo Mo and Mr. Wendel and a chew You'll enjoy seeing the wonderful pictures!!


Jeanne said...

Oh my goodness.....they are too cute....I checked out the other photos too. I love the ones they were kissing...just made me smile...thanks for rescuing that little guy. He sure looks like my new foster, Betsy......

Karin said...

Oh, MoMo and Wendell are very special! Cute stories about the dog park. I think it's good for them to get outside of their comfort zone once in a while ~ it builds confidence. My daughter takes ours to school once a week (vet tech) to "practice" on ~ they clip their nails, clean ears, etc. nothing too involved. The dogs sure are exhausted at the end of the day, but much to my surprise they actually want to go with her the next day.

lady jicky said...

Kisses to Mo Mo and Mr Wendell. I wish him all the best Vet vibes I can send for his surgery and meds.
Please tell the family to not worry too much about Wendell if he goes blind. With little Mo Mo - she will be his seeing eye dog. This happened with my dear Lulu and dear Oscar. She would follow him around when her eyes went and had a happy life! Oscar liked it too - he was "top dog"!!! LOL

Linda - we have a "Casa Moi Moi" which she hates to go in - "Its prison darlings!! What did I do??"
Plus - we have booked a visiting dog trainer to get Mr Kenzo in line. I do not know what we are doing wrong - plus he is such a dominate dog. So it will be great to get some insight in the dogs relationships. Mind you - yesterday Moi gave Kenzo "what for" . Noone will give in yet and let the other be the "top dog" I think.
Tell you how it goes later!

Linda said...

What happens if you put Kenzo in the "prison." What does he do? :-)

lady jicky said...

Have yet to do that Linda! Will try this weekend - he will not be Happy!!!!!!! LOL