Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This is the traffic on 95 heading toward D.C. when I went to the meeting and to pick up Betsy on Saturday. FIVE lanes of traffic, sitting! OH, I was so glad to be going the other direction!

Betsy is very excited to be going to her foster home. She sat on my lap so she could help drive. "Am I doing a good job?" You sure are, Betsy!

"Do you need help, Matt?? I'd be glad to sit closer to help you. Honest, I would."

Betsy is making sure Matt keeps up straight on the road to her foster home. She's very excited.
"Here I am at my foster home. I met Campbell, Jill Lee, George, Hanna, DiDi, and Allie. And I fit right in! I was very curious about everyone."
Jill began to play with Betsy later, and Betsy responded! She is coming along so quickly. Her little spirit was not crushed from her years in a crate. She is looking to the future! Not the past.
"I really love the other foster dog, Campbell. He is the best!! And he is so handsome!"
" My driver is ready to depart-- she's had a long travel day to get me. Four hundred miles of driving! But, I'm worth it. All the dogs got to be with me in the kitchen while they left. (they are not risking any of us getting out when the front door opens.) They have this nifty baby gate that my new foster dad made. I think he could sell these!"
There's Betsy, George in front, and handsome Campbell, saying good-bye.
And DiDi wanted her own look, so she got down and peeked out underneath the gate. See you soon!


lady jicky said...

Oh Betsy, it looks like a real doggy fun place!

Cris said...

Such a good lil girl! She is precious. A long drive indeed, you and your husband have such a wonderful heart.

My Little Sofie baby is coming tonight! Pray the weather cooperates on their flight from Texas to here. Maybe she will be walking by time she leaves since my boys will be playing with her. My little niece will turn 1 in Oct! Have a wonderful weekend!

Karin said...

Betsy does look very excited, enjoying every moment of her new life and freedom.