Thursday, August 20, 2009

Leighann and Her Pekes

Leighann just sent me the two pictures above of her newest family member. Ellie, a little shih tzu, is 2 yrs old, 7 lbs, very sweet and came from the SPCA in Annapolis. She didn't like the new t-shirt so she doesn't look as happy as she usually is. Even Darcy gets along with her. Isn't she cute!!! +++++++++++++++++++++++

This is a friend of mine in rescue. Leighann is with Petunia, and the neighbor's cat. Petunia was older, so sometimes she just wanted a ride instead of walking.
Her daughter is holding Petunia here. What a beautiful pair!
This is her Shih Tzu-peke mix named Petunia who passed at age 16 about 2 years ago. She was black & white and had a big, wonderful face. I remember emailing a lot and Leighann did SO much for this precious dog.
Leighann's house is big and a wonderful place for her dogs-- I love her big yard and the tree in front. And that big window must be a great place for the dogs to check out what's going on in the neighborhood.
This picture was from one of our Pekingese picnics that we have each year in N. Va. We have so many people and Pekingese show up. It's so much fun-- just wish we had more time to talk to everyone!

Here are the ladies. Sadie is in the back, Darcy (in front) can be a trouble-maker, but the others have learned to live with it. :-) Dakoda is in the middle. I have a few female Pekes-- one can leap and jump when she's upset, but that's all she does. The others can get into an occasional war. Those females!!
The three companion peke ladies are ages 8 1/2, 7 & 6 1/2. They love to be in the sunroom!

Leighann, your Pekes are beautiful! Thanks for sharing them with me.

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lady jicky said...

G'day, its Kenzo here and finally Linda has found another Shih tzu for the "Must love Pekes and Shih Tzu cross" pages!! Woof !

If that chic Ellie ever comes "down under" for a holiday - I will take her around and show her the sights! We will leave my sister Moi Moi home. Wink !!!!