Sunday, August 23, 2009


Here are Nico and Bao-- Nico is quite a bit smaller! They were adopted at the same time so they could be best friends. And they are!!! We couldn't have planned a better pair if we had tried. Look how cute they are in their rain gear.

They sleep together.... They also play a lot. About a 1/3 of the time it’s one of them trying to convince the other to play. At first, their ownerswere afraid that Bao was beating up on Nico – he’d grab an ear and Nico would start yelping. But, they soon realized that Nico was the instigator half the time and the yelping was a ploy to get Bao to ease off – so Nico could pin him.

Or apart-- Bao has found a nice comfy couch to be on.

He also likes to be outside. Bao a bundle of energy that his owner just can’t exhaust, no matter how much she tries. He’s a nightmare on the leash, pulling and straining to go, go, go. He is a hunter, birds are his favorite but he’ll chase butterflies, fireflies, squirrels, leaves on water rushing to a gutter, you name it. He barks, whines and strains to get at other dogs – he just wants to be social and meet and greet. He sits under the bird feeder and studies the birds, coming back to check in, with a head full of seed husks and bird poop. He just delights his mom every day. He’s a clown who will do back flips trying to get your fingers and will grab any piece of paper out of your hand if you’re silly enough to walk by him with it. He also likes to sit in the window.

Nico has found a shady spot under a bench. He is a dream to walk. He keeps a sedate but lively pace and walks for anyone who leads him. He is a little love and a snuggler, and he’s playful with people just like he is with Bao. He sits on command, but he hasn’t gotten the stay or wait part yet. He loves the dog beds and curls up in them whenever he finds one. He plays with the ropes and other toys with Bao, but absolutely LOVES the miniature squeaking tennis balls. (One of my Pekes loves those, too!!).

But, the sunshine is fine, too-- unless it's too hot!

Bao is looking up at his owner-- look at the love in his face. Maybe he's waiting for a treat.

And here's Nico again. He may be waiting, but I think he's letting Bao do the begging work!

Their owners are wonderful and consider themselves very lucky to have these two precious Pekes. I'm so glad they adopted them both. Two or more Pekes is the best!


lady jicky said...

You can tell they are just great mates!
I do love their raincoats!!!

Jeanne said...

Made me smile. What sweet little pekes. I bet their Mom smiles a lot at them. It's free entertainment. :) They are way toooo cute......Thanks for taking 2 of them......

Karin said...

That's so funny about Bao sitting under the birdfeeders and coming in with seed hulls and birdpoo on his head. Sounds like he sure keeps his mom on her toes. Nico sounds like such a little sweetie.
Like Melinda said, "Perfect Mates"!