Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Meet Betsy and Grant

Meet Betsy and Grant! They were saved from a life that was beyond grim. They were kept in broken down wooden crates in the woods, with moldy food and snakes crawling through. They were used for breeding. We had the chance to get these two-- and we took it!
They could not be sweeter! In spite of their life, they are precious and just want to be loved. It's amazing how they can love people after the six years they lived in the squalid conditions. They had to be shaved down completely, including their tails, but their hair will grow back.
Grant and Betsy love to roam around the yard. They are going to foster homes this week.
For now, though, they're going to roll around on the grass-- the feel of grass on their backs and feet is such a wonderful experience!
Let's roll this way!
Now it's Grant's turn.
Now, it's time to go explore. Look at those sweet faces!
Betsy starts out.....
Grant is getting ready........
And off they go together-- freedom in rescue is wonderful! Thank you to all who helped them to safety.


Josh & Jimmy said...

Our hearts ache for those two. How could anyone do that to those sweet Pekes? That's in the past and, for them, the BEST IS YET TO BE:-)

Cris said...

I'm glad they are safe now and can be regular lovable Pekes!!!

lady jicky said...

OMG - 6 years is a long time for us but for a dog who is 7 years to our 1 year of life!
What evil people. May Karma get them Linda.

Now - back to the darlings - are they sweet or what!!!
You know what I want to say - "put them in a plane........" LOL

Karin said...

Look how happy they are to be all cleaned up and enjoying how good it feels to roll around in the grass.
What a sad existence they had, I can't even imagine. I'm so thankful for their rescue.