Monday, December 13, 2010


Remember Brandy of the Bristol 18? She was a skeletal 9 pounds then, and is horrible shape. She came in with her two sick puppies, Colby and Carter.
But, look at her smile now! She is 15-16 healthy pounds and beautiful.
She came to visit yesterday. That's Scooter and the infamous Starlight in the background. Brandy is wearing her pink Thundershirt. These can be a great tool for behavior problems and for those who are so scared with storms. Check out Here's what Mary Elizabeth, her foster mom said,"Oh my goodness. I put on Brandy's Thundershirt this morning. She didn't bark when my husband came downstairs, or walked by her. She went and sat by him, let him pet her, and kissed his hand. OH MY GOODNESS. Now, she's snoozing, all mellow. WOW!"
Beautiful Camden came, too. He's Brandy's "brother" while she is being fostered.
Camden thought Scooter was pretty neat. Scooterbug is my "therapy dog" for the new fosters who come in. He's so sweet, my big boy at 19 pounds.
Camden got into a play pose-- he was ready to go!
"Mom, I think Brandy wants to leave."
Yes, I think you're right Scooter. Are you saying good-bye to Camden, too? I know you'd like him to come for another visit and maybe they will. Then, you can all run around the back yard. Thanks for visiting Brandy and Camden!!


lady jicky said...

Aren't Pekes cute when they go "visiting"!

I have never heard of those jackets Linda!

I take it they really work???

emilyp said...

I love to see how much the Bristol dogs have improved:)

Thanks for the link on the Thundershirt..I am considering an order for Drizzle. She has alot of anxiety when we leave or if I just take Newman to the vet..this might be just what we need to help her.