Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Essie's Bernie went outside and discovered SNOW! Essie and her family moved from Richmond toward southwest Virginia. The weather is colder there because it's closer to the mountains.
Yes, it's snow and it's cold. Bernie is checking out this phenomenom.
Kevin is out with the dogs-- I think this is Meggie. Essie, you'll have to fill in all the names for me. Sorry, with Beach Bit here every day now, my brain left. :-)
And they're exploring -- my Cranberry would have been doing a snow dance there in celebration. Maybe that's what these two are doing!
Coats are good when it's this cold. I think my dog coats will be coming out. Some Pekes love the cold, but some need a little help.
Okay, Essie, is there a significance to the big rock? Do Pekes hide behind it? Stand on top of it? Dig under it?
I see Kevin has cleared off the steps. Little feet can get cold!
Can you see all the little dog prints everywhere. :-) I think there was a lot of exploring out there!
And a BIG yard to explore. I'm not sure what they'll find under the snow, but Bernie is giving it a shot.
Maybe something is by this tree.
Passed the tree-- something more interesting is beyond the fence? What do you see? I'm sure there will be more snow where Essie lives. LOTS more snow. Makes me cold just looking at it!
(I think Melinda in Australia is cooler just reading this blog! It was 86 there!)


lady jicky said...

Coooooooooool peke's there Linda!

We have alot of rain today and so its steamy but a tad cooler.
Oprah arrived today and she is on Hamilton Island which is really nice. Hubby and I went there about 10 years ago.

Essie said...

Already I never want to see snow again. It was pretty coming down but that got old really fast.....
Daddy was holding GizMoe Li in the picture and the Rock...
Look closley at the rock and you can see a sad little Pekingese face in it. Bernie really didn't care for the snow and was just searching out a place to do his "Biznez" He is more of a couch baby who likes to snuggle up in a blanket................
Melinda send me some Aussie warmth for Christmas!!!!

emilyp said...

LOL, Bernie definitely looked like he was trying to figure out what the snow was all about. I think snuggling up is a great plan!