Saturday, December 25, 2010


I want to wish all of you Merry Christmas!!! Here's a video that should make you smile: Click here: YouTube - A GIGGLE with the GOATS Jingle Bells Holiday Performance
Max was helping decorate a few weeks ago. We had set a little tree on "his" ottoman, and he didn't let it deter him. He got right up there! That was just the beginning of changing the house for Christmas. We're big on Christmas and love the beauty of the decorations. Every room takes on a Christmas theme in some way. And of course, the dogs were all bathed and had their pictures taken, so that they could wish each of you a Merry Christmas.
This is Dasher-- he's my new foster dog. I know, I know. I said I wouldn't bring another in. I'm taking care of my grandson (almost 4 months old) and I have Coco Puff, who has a lot of appointments and lots of meds. I have a foster home next week for Dasher but I didn't want him to stay in the vet/kennel for another week. (He was in the shelter since Dec.6.) You have to have a home to celebrate in for Christmas! Stay tuned for more information and pictures on him. And thank you to Ann and Jon for springing him from the shelter!
Coco Puff is doing much better-- she does NOT like her picture taken. She hates the flash. So, I had to hold her. Her eyes are finally doing better and she can see. She still needed to be brushed in this picture, and she is a pretty, loving little girl. Maybe one of you will want to adopt her soon.
Starlight is Starlight-- she has taken over Beach Bit's bouncy seat. She thinks it is HER bouncy seat. If Beach Bit is not in it, she is. She is so funny. And if he is in it, she is right there to give him kisses! Who would have thought the "terror" would love children so much!
Here's my Scooterbug-- he is always grinning, or sleeping with his tongue hanging out. He is the happiest boy!
This my Max with his ever present tennis ball. He was one of my fosters who wasn't adopted (like Starlight). Well, I ended up with a GREAT dog! He is so sweet.
And here's Queen Cranberry-- she has taken over the ottoman, which is really Max's spot! And no one will get up there if she's there. They wouldn't dare. But, still-- she wants you to have a Merry Christmas! So, from all of us here in my home, to all of you-- have a most blessed and joyful day! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


lady jicky said...

Merry Christmas to you and all the pekes Linda!

I must say - that Cranberry and Starlight are pretty girls.
Coco puff is looking good and Max and Scooterbug look like they would be the souls of a pekey party!
I think Dasher is lovely and if I lived in the USA - he would be here. I hope someone out there has a lovely home for him real soon!
Love black pekes - so rare!

Karin said...

I'd like to wish you and your lovely family and ALL the sweet pekes a blessed and peaceful Christmas, Linda!

emilyp said...

Merry Christmas to you and all the Pekes!

cby said...

The love that Christmas brings stays in your heart all year, Linda. Blessings to you, your family, the gang and to every Pekingese life you will change in 2011.

Glad Coco Puff is feeling better! :)

Life* A Blog said...

Merry Christmas to my Virginia Mom :) May god bless you and yours for all the great work you do and for just being the wonderful person you are. Miss you!

Ladylakegolfer said...

Linda- bless you & your family for the wonderful, caring work you all do!! Nikki from Florida

Ladylakegolfer said...

Bless you Linda for the wonderful work you do! -Nikki from Florida