Wednesday, July 24, 2013


 I posted that we had our deck removed and the new porch is going up.  
 It's screened over...
 and Cami is inspecting the work for me.
 He's going under, around, checking out everything.
 So is Cranberry!    With her degenerative disc disease, it's amazing how well she can do inspections.   She's actually doing better at walking lately.  She still wears a diaper inside, but that's okay.  
 The support system for this deck is amazing!  And the company we hired (no sub-contracting!) is great.  The workers all are friendly and have an incredible work ethic.
 The base screening is on...
While they were outside, Scooter was helping me paint inside.    I am touching up my white cabinets in the kitchen.   
 It's a tedious job, but it looks SO good once it's done.
 Knobs are off, drawers pulled out and doors propped open so I can get the paint on.
 Look at Scooter's head-- he helped.   Yippee.
 Can you go back outside and supervise them?
 You and Max just head on out there.  There's no paint for you to get into!  

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lady jicky said...

OMG Linda!!!

Where are their "Hard Hats" on their Peke Heads while doing those expections on the construction site ?? !!!

You do not want anyone going on strike over it! LOL !

*looking good Linda