Thursday, July 18, 2013


My Max is a TV nut!     If a dog (or any animal) appears on the TV, he just goes crazy!    I can even have it on mute-- he knows an animal when it appears, even with his one eye!  And he runs to the TV, and the barking begins!
I don't think all dogs are this nutty.   Midnight isn't.   When he was here, he was just fine with dogs on TV.   He didn't care.
I know Abner didn't mind them.    
Abner's siblings, Lily and Brody have no interest in TV-- they just want to hang out and have fun.
Beautiful Julianna (foster) doesn't need TV to keep her busy-- she is fine with all the other dogs.
Monk, Polly Pockets and Nippy would rather veg out and take a nap....
Polly would much rather be with Aunt Heather than watching TV.  Giving kisses is better than anything.
But, if you have a dog that likes TV, there is a new dog TV channel!    I won't be letting Max watch this at all!    He can just hang out with Kai Kai in the rocker-- no TV for him!


lady jicky said...

My girls are not interested in TV - I would say Moi Moi hates the noise and will go outside some times!

Paladin2010 said...

Understandable. As he has only 1 eye, everything is two-dimensional to him, like a photograph. That is the world he lives in. TVs project a 2 dimensional image so to him the dog he sees on TV looks like the dog he sees on the street and he takes it as a challenge (the new dog in HIS house). Other dogs with 2 eyes, can tell the difference and ignore the 2 dimensional dog as they know it is not a threat. I know, I also only have 1 working eye.