Tuesday, July 16, 2013


 We were asked to help find Pikachu a home.    A lady had rescued him from a bad situation but had too many dogs of her own to keep him.     We didn't have a foster home, but we posted him on facebook-- and....
 We found a wonderful home for him!   I love our facebook because it gives us so many way to outreach and contact people.     Pikachu loves his new home!
 He went to the beauty parlor and got a summer cut-- oh my, he'd never had such care!
 He loves to veg out and just be a happy boy now.
 He went to the Farmer's Market  and guess what!
He and his sister, Frances, won Pups of the Week!! Pikachu is just grinning in joy-- I'm so glad he has a wonderful home now!!  (And I really love the updates we get!)

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lady jicky said...

How wonderful !!!

So happy to see he has a lovely home with a Pekey friend too!