Tuesday, July 30, 2013


 Remember the little Shih Tzu we posted on facebook.  
 She was picked up by one of our volunteers who couldn't stand by and do nothing.  (I love our helpers!)
 They named her Daisy.    She's not a Peke, and not in our program, but we are doing what we can to find her a home.
 In the shelter, her hair was matted to the skin and her eyes were in bad shape.
 Her foster mom gently cut away the mats and Daisy has three eye drops that she gets several times a day.
 Her eyes are doing so well!    Can you see how bright they look?
 She is a tiny thing, at 9.5 pounds.    She is very sweet!
 Look at her fancy harness!   I'll have to find out where they got it.
Thank you to all who sent donations to the vet caring for her.    Daisy says THANK YOU!!! (you know who you are)    If you are interested in adopting her, just email me at haveninhim@aol.com.  

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lady jicky said...

I am doing my Lucky Adoption Dance for sweet Daisy!!

This is one sweet girl and you should never overlook the older dogs - honestly , they are alot easier to look after even with a set of eye drops! :)