Monday, July 22, 2013


 We helped find Jake a home last month-- his owner couldn't keep him, but loved him.    Sometimes that happens and if we can be part of that transition, we are happy!
Jake is content now and can rest knowing he has a home the rest of his life.  Jake has settled in so well.   He's an older boy, so he does like his naps!  I think his blanket is great--  love the color.
He had a playdate with Gimmie and Lulu Belle the other day.  
I like this place!    I hear they have a pool here-- are we going swimming?
This is Harvey (Harvard) or Bruce-- I don't know which one.   He is Jake's brother now.
I know this one-- Gimmie came from the shelter near me.    Look how good you are doing!
Jake is so happy to be at this party.
I see four up there-- who's missing?
 I like your harness, too.   Harnesses are so important to use on small dogs-- it saves their necks from injury if they leap at a squirrel or something else that grabs their attention.  
 Jake is content to sleep anywhere -- this chair works just fine.   After a long day of play and fun and new friends, he needs a nap.
You are a beautiful boy, Jake!  

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lady jicky said...

He is a beautiful boy !!!