Wednesday, July 31, 2013


 I want you to meet Linus.   We received a request from a rural shelter asking for help.   The picture they sent me showed me a Peke.
 But, when we got him, he had a little something else in there--
 We couldn't leave him though-- the shelter was a bad one-- but had great volunteers trying to help the dogs.
 Linus is about 3 years old and one of the sweetest dogs his foster moms have had.  
 He has caught on to being housetrained and just wants to be loved.    He weighs about 20 pounds
 Linus is a lover and doesn't know a stranger.    He does a cute little flip when you are getting his food ready.
He was in the shelter for 2 months and is so happy to be out-- he is an adorably sweet boy!    Let us know if you would like to adopt him-- he's ready!

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lady jicky said...

There is a peke in there and I think he would make a great pet for a home with children for he has long legs and can run and keep up with kids.... most peke's cannot .
I am doing a happy Adoption Dance for handsome Linus !!!
This little guy needs a break :)