Saturday, July 20, 2013


We love our deck.   It has had swings, grills, baby seats, tables, chairs, plants, hammocks.....
And grandbits!
And Pekingese and playhouses.
Our own dogs and foster dogs have hung out there.    
My kids and grandkids and dogs have enjoyed it for the fifteen years we have lived here.
I have had coffee out there, read the paper, enjoyed the mist in the trees.
I can look up and out and just see nature around me.
And I can see my hammock that is now in the yard, ready for me to come lay down and enjoy.
But, the other day, we emptied the deck.
Max laid in his corner, looking out, not knowing it was the last time he'd be there.  
The deck began to be torn out-- it was over thirty years old-- time to go.
And here it was at the end of the day-- GONE.
We even found a water faucett there that we didn't know about.    
The large container in the drive way now holds the old deck.
Yep, it's all there.     Kind of sad-- many happy memories happened on that deck.  
The trenches have been dug REALLY deep for the new footings.   The dogs cannot figure these out!  
Cranberry has to hang out in the yard now---
or monitor the crew from the door that is always closed now (it's a long way down!).   Thank goodness, we have a second back door off the laundry room!  Don't worry, girl, we're having a screened porch put up and you'll love it.     Keep watching for updates!  We're excited!


lady jicky said...

How exciting Linda!

I must say ..... Cranberry looks like the Dowager Countess in Downton Abbey played by Maggie Smith - she has that "surveying her castle" look in the photos! LOL

Doris Sturm said...

Sounds like a well-loved and well-used deck and I'm glad you're getting a screened in porch which will be equally enjoyable for you all. Happy building!!!