Wednesday, July 31, 2013


 Puggy came into rescue last November with her sister, Bessie.     Their owner was in the hospital and could no longer care for them.
 We did everything we knew to do-- bloodwork, etc. and it was all fine.   But, we didn't know there was a hidden toxin in her system-- lots of coins.  These coins just stayed in her stomach for months. The metal in coins is very dangerous for dogs.    These coins, over time, caused a high level of toxins in her bloodstream.    There were no visible signs of this, she just seemed to be a laid back girl.
Over the week-end, she became very sick and had emergency surgery.    Unfortunately, there was too much damage.    She passed away while recovering from surgery.   Her mom and dad are devastated.    Puggy was always happy with her family and her doggy friends.    She loved to be held and loved on and there was no indication that she was becoming so sick.    Her mom and dad say their home is so empty now without her.   We are so sorry-- we know this hurts so much.    Rest in peace, sweet girl.


annie71 said...

I am so sorry for her loss. I am sure Bessie will miss Puggy greatly. Rest in Peace Beautiful, Sweet Puggy!

wendeeB said...

Rest in Peace sweet Puggy. My black Pekingese passed this weekend too at 14.5 y/o. The rainbow bridge must've needed lots of black pekes!

lady jicky said...

Oh this is just so tragic !
Who would ever think of coins in her stomach!

I am so sorry for your loss.