Monday, July 8, 2013


 Ricky was my foster dog in 2004-- hard to believe it's been that long.
 His mom and I are friends.  I've become friends with a lot of my adopters.    He was a super sweet foster dog.
 I found two pictures of him while he was with me--- I see him on the green lounger (also called the Pekingese lounger).   Danny was in front, Cranberry is in the back and I think I see Pandy on the other lounger.
 He had so much fun here with Pandy and Scooter.     Pandy lives down the street and Ricky lives in the same city as I do.  
Here he is now!     Love you sweet boy!
Ricky and LJ have their "summer cuts."    I'm really thinking of getting one for Starlight.    HMMM, would she put up with that?   Not sure at all! 

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lady jicky said...

Mr Ricky is super cute!