Tuesday, July 2, 2013


 Chubby came into rescue three years ago after his owner went into a nursing home and Chubby ended up in a shelter.  We were told he was seven years old.  
 He seemed older after we had him awhile-- he started having more and more medical issues.   Thyroid, eye issues,  skin, breathing.... Poor guy began a downward spiral, but his mom and dad (his foster parents) adored him.    I think he must have been older than seven.    
 Here he was when we got him-- meeting Caleb and my Scooter.  
 He was a happy boy and had a smile to share.
Run free now, sweet Chubby.  Your lungs no longer have to work so hard for you to breathe.   You can breathe all the fresh air now-- Rest in peace, sweet one.


Nicky said...

Very sad news. What a wonderful boy!!!! They are never with us long enough. But I believe we will be united again! Very sorry for the loss of this beautiful and sweet boy!!

lady jicky said...

Oh what a sweet man Chubby was - I am so sorry for your loss.

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

What a cutie pie Chubby was. Love his cute little grin in the last pic! You were loved and well cared for. RIP!