Thursday, July 25, 2013


Gracie has a new bed-- this girl has more beds than any dog I know. :-)
Her mom adores Gracie Lu!     Jane fostered Gracie for me, and when I saw the bond that was there, I wanted her to stay.   They sure love each other.
 Back to Gracie's beds-- I love this one because it's coordinated with the door mat.    And it's pink-- you know I like those pink beds.
 Gracie had a special one for Christmas.
 Sometimes, she has a big mat with toys by the front door.   She loves to monitor the street and be on the look-out for her pals that might come take her for a walk.
 The couch will do just fine if she doesn't want to be at floor level.
 Another pink bed-- by the door!  
 She even has a "bed" in the car-- it's pink!    And it straps her in and keeps her safe when they are going somewhere.  
A pink chair will do also.     My goodness, Gracie Lu, you do have a few beds!   And I didn't even put them all here!


lady jicky said...

I don't know how I can tell you this Linda but ...... Moi Moi and Coco have just told me -

"That Gracie Lu sure sleeps around!" LOL !

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

Glad Gracie Lu has a wonderful mom and lots of beds! (I, too, think Gracie Lu "sleeps around!")