Wednesday, August 13, 2014


 Max, my Peke, came into rescue with one eye.    So, I've never known him with two eyes.  Max has no trouble getting around at all.
 Max came into rescue with his sister, Maggie, in 2008.   Maggie was adopted (and I love her updates!), but no one ever applied for Max.    Look at that face-- I don't understand it.    They are both 11 years old now!   (I'm going to do a birthday blog for Max.)
 Domino was one of our foster dogs.   He's such a cutie!   And he had two eyes.... until last week.  Domino had a "melting ulcer."  This is a fast  moving ulcer that can destroy a dog's eye in a matter of hours.   Immediate vet care is critical and even then, sometimes it cannot be saved.    Pekingese are one of the breeds that are more prone to eye injuries because of their eye shape and because they have no nose in front of their eyes to protect them.   (Pugs, Boston Terriers, Boxers, Bulldogs, and Shih Tzus are also prone to these injuries.)     Domino had immediate care, but his eye ruptured.  
 When Max found out that Domino had lost one of his eyes, he had to send him an email.
Dear Domino,

This is Max.  I am having my mom write this email for me because I know what's it's like to be a one-eyed Peke.   I came into rescue this way, so my mom doesn't know what happened, but I have done just fine.  My mom said the only time she sees a problem is if she throws my ball and I'm not watching.  Then, SHE gets to go find it.     I have no problem jumping on the ottoman so that I can guard my back yard.    I love to watch TV and bark if there are dogs on there-- even if the TV is on mute.  So, you can "see" that having one eye has not given me any trouble.
 Domino emailed Max back!  (These are amazing, smart dogs!)  
 Dear Max,
Domino here.  Lolli-Pop told me that my life will get better again and that I won't really miss that old eye since I couldn't see hardly anything out of it anyway.  Still, a fellow likes to keep all his parts.  I had surgery once before when I lost some important  boy parts, don't ya know.  I think I'm swearing off this surgery stuff.  Today when Mom turned on the clippers to do my feet I tried to get the heck out of Dodge cause now I associate clippers with snippers.  My big problem right now is wearing an E-collar and being "quiet" for two weeks.  I was born with tons of energy.  Mom took my picture, but honestly, it's not my best side as I look pretty scary.  Once my face heals and my hair grows back we'll try again.  Max, you really are a handsome guy!  I think you set the bar pretty high for me to emulate.
 Domino is here with his Peke sister, Pop (Lolli-Pop).   She  has one eye also.  (She was also adopted from PVPC.)
I call all these one-eyed Pekes part of the Pirate's Club.  It is a small group, but they can all commiserate with their friends.  But, really, having one eye is okay-- and I know Domino will heal just fine!

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