Friday, August 1, 2014


 Remember this picture.   Tucker was turned into the shelter by his owner-- because they "had too many dogs."   Tucker was afraid and depressed.   And very overweight!   He is at least 5 pounds overweight.   He needs to weigh about 18 pounds, and is at about 24 pounds.  No wonder he looked a little out of shape in the picture.
 But, look at him now!   Look at the relaxed look in his face and the hope in his eyes.
Oh, my, that is a smile!   This "growly" boy is so sweet, and gets along with other dogs, and doesn't bother the cat and just wants to be loved.   We can do that-- and we can find you a forever home, too.   Get ready little man!   Your new life has begun.

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lady jicky said...

He looks wonderful Linda !

I am doing my Adoption Dance!!!