Wednesday, August 13, 2014


 Oh, my, we have a fundraiser!!    If you are anywhere near North Brentwood, MD, you will want to be part of this!   (Double click on the picture to make it larger.)
 Ally wishes she could go!   She has her first heartworm treatment today, so she has to stay put.   Keep her in your prayers during the day.    She is cheering on all who can go though.
 My granddaughter is twirling with excitement!  Come on folks!    Let's help the foster dogs!
 Kai Kai with Liam-- you can bring all sizes to this fundraiser.   They groom big dogs, small dogs, in between size dogs!
Starlight wants everyone to go who lives nearby!    Please help support our rescue.     It is being held on August 24, at Grooming by Em, 4553 Rhode Island Avenue, North Brentwood, MD-- 301-277-2033.    Have fun!!   (If it wasn't 6 hours from me, I'd be there!)

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lady jicky said...

I hope your fundraiser is a great success!!!