Thursday, August 7, 2014


 Rammi Ju is about 2 years old and came from a shelter-- he was a stray, so nothing is known about his past.
 We can guess though.   He has some scars on his face and can be afraid in situations that he is not comfortable in.  
 He likes men a lot and bonded to my husband quickly.    It took awhile before he was okay with me.   He loves it when I kneel down and call him, and he comes to bury his face in my knees so he can be petted.
 He was sitting on Matt's lap and playing with him.    He loved it.
 Rammi needs a calm home where there are not a lot of changes.    He has done great with my grandchildren, but I think a home that is quiet and not rambunctious like mine would be better for him.
He loves to get under my bed and when I call him, he'll come to the top of the stairs... "What?"   He's a beautiful little boy of about 14 pounds, and just wants a home of his own.
He loves other dogs (here he is with Lexie), is not alpha with them, has started to learn toys are fun, and he is a good eater-- not food aggressive or toy aggressive.  
At the end of the day, he loves to be near me, preferably on the couch.   He always asks permission and I help him up.    He just needs this side of him nurtured to overcome whatever he went through.   If you think you can give him the kind of home he needs, email me at or

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lady jicky said...

This little boy would be a great pet for someone older !

I am doing that dance Linda !!!