Sunday, August 24, 2014


 Pepper Ann came into rescue in May.   She was at a shelter in Harrisonburg and they asked if we would help her.
 She was turned in by her owner-- and hadn't been well cared for.    She is now-- look at her little blanket, all curled up on it.
 She loves her foster home-- here she is with her Peke sister, Daisy.  They look like twins!
 It was bath day-- oh, no.   She was very good, though!
 She seems so calm, but she was glad it was over, so that she could...
 Roll on the grass again.
She is about ten years old and a wonderful, loving, sweet little girl!  If you would like to adopt her, just let us know.  

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lady jicky said...

How I would love Ms Pepper!
A black Peke .... yum.

Doing that Adoption Dance Linda!!!