Friday, June 5, 2015


 The grandbits and granddogs are all here.   Pekes, a Shepherd mix and a Chocolate Lab puppy.
 Kai Kai is exhausted!  It can be chaotic.  If you like peace and quiet, stay away from my house.
 Starlight hides in her spot under the table-- she can watch everything, but not get stepped on.
 GiGi is very active, and drinks water all over the place-- there is a lot of clean up.  I put her water bowl on a piddle pad-- what a waste of a piddle pad.  It was drenched.  She is only 5 months old, so a lot of puppy for everyone.
 Two of the grandboys are wrestling in the hammock and we are all sitting on the porch. (Cowboy Bit and Drill Bit)
 Max asked where they all came from!   (When it is raining, a piddle pad by the door collects a lot of mud!
 There are frisbees and bubbles and Bits.
 My daughter and oldest Bit are snuggled on the porch at the end of the day.
 Lexie found a safe spot-- next to Pi.
 Lexie was hoping for grilled chicken-- but she's on a special diet, so all she can do is smell it.
 GiGi lays around the water dish--
At one point, after spilling the water, she tried to eat the bowl.   It will be an interesting week-end, but FUN!!    That's what we have here.   There is never a boring moment!


lady jicky said...

Oh boy Linda ..... lots of excitement and lots of dogs drinking water! LOL

Ted & Grace's Mom said...

I always love reading about Camp Runamuck! :)

Janet said...

Linda, too bad you have nothing to do, are all alone and lead such a boring life! LOL I think I'll sign myself and my grands up for Camp RunaMuck next summer! Is there a waiting list?!