Wednesday, June 10, 2015


 Butters came into rescue in 2009.
 He and his sister, Tess, were from a back yard breeder who did not take care of them at all.  
 When we got him, he needed attention.   Being a Peke without color-- we thought he was albino-- they need extra protection for their nose, eyes and skin.
      Anna and her husband saw his picture and fell in love with him.    He went to live in New York and had week-ends in the country.
 He had many Peke friends.  Here he was with Bucky, who passed away a year and a half ago.
 Butters was also friends with Willie Wonton, Suzie Q and many more.   Look at those smiles.
 He loved his mom.
 Butters had a seizure and passed away at the vet's office, surrounded with love.     The vet suspected an embolism or cardiac related issue.    In rescue, we often don't know their age, so he could have been older than we thought.  
 His mom wrote this:
"Butters has been such a huge part of our lives, it's difficult to describe! We are often known only as "Butters's parents"!! Butters was an intrepid traveler and he made road trips with us down to DC to visit Melanie Samet and twice to North Carolina to visit my rescue friend Betsy (his home state was NC -- where he was rescued from a horrible back yard breeder who kept him in a crate for years), he went with us on vacation each year down to Cape May, up north to New England and on more day trips that we can count! He loved to sit in the back seat and snuggle in -- he was the best car Peke ever! He was friendly, cheerful and full of life -- and he made friends where ever he went. He always carried forth the message of being a rescued breeder dog. His early life was hard and he had the physical traces to prove it -- his incisor teeth were filed down, as mill breeders do, he had a corneal injury from those early days and his paw pads were scarred by standing on chicken wire, often in his own urine and feces. Butters was the "dad" of pups who were sold and his life was hard.

Butters, Willy and Bucky were the Three Amigos. Butters loved playing with his brothers and he missed Bucky when he passed in the fall of 2013. Willy Wonton and Butters were great pals and often played together like young pups. Butters' favorite sibling however, was his little sister SuzyQ -- they loved to snuggle on the couch and snore together! Butters was a great "putter-upper" -- he had a multitude of room-mates who came through our home as fosters. Butters was always showing them the ropes and pointing them towards their beds... "Another one mom??"

Butters was an amazing gift in our lives. The six years he spent with our family will always be remembered as a wonderful and exciting time, filled with his love and abundance of personality. We are heartbroken without him but will always cherish his memory.

Thank you and PVPC for giving us the privilege of having Butters in our lives!

Anna, Tom and Helle"
It is difficult to imagine this world without Butters in it-- and I know his mom and dad will miss him greatly.   He can now play with his friends who have gone on before him-- but his absence here will be felt deeply.   We love you, sweet Butters.   Run free, little man.


lady jicky said...

Oh I am just so sad and shocked.
I turned on my computer and head to Must Love Pekes and there it was.
As you know Linda .... I had a real soft spot for Mr Butters!
I am so sorry to read this and yet...... Butters had a awful start in life but what a finish!
For 6 years he was a happy and very much loved Travelling Peke :)

We are so sorry for your loss .

Love from his 3 girlfriends in Australia ... Kisses and sad woof's from Coco and Moi Moi especially.

Pekiegirl said...

So sad to hear about Butters! I met him at one of the picnics and loved his beautiful face! He was a beautiful boy and I'm sure Anna is devastated!! So sorry for your loss! 😥