Sunday, June 28, 2015


 We got ready yesterday morning to make the trip to Williamsburg to meet Sophie's new mom.
 I had a little dress that fit her-- and I took Desi's lead and dressed her up!
 She met her mom's friend, John and just about fell asleep.
 Going to meet a new mom can be emotionally exhausting!   They know something is up.
 Don't worry, Sophie, life is going to get better and better!
 And guess what!?
 Santa was there!   He is at this flagship Yankee Candle all year round.
 He usually wears his Hawaiian shirt in the summer.   There is a nice and naughty book that children can sign.  Sophie just met him-- but she would have signed the "nice" book.
 Then, it was time to go.
 She went for a walk.
 She loves to explore.
 (Here we were in the Christmas room at Yankee Candle-- snow fell on us!)
 She is checking out her new bed at home.
 She is ready to settle in.
I miss you sweet girl-- but you will get so much attention there now.  
 Just tell your mom to give you lots of kisses from me.

1 comment:

lady jicky said...

Oh Linda .... did you cry when you left her??? I did ! LOL

I know Sophie is in for the time of her life and boy .... she has already met Surfing Santa!!! What more can a girl want!

Her Mum looks lovely and I am sure they both will have a wonderful time together.
Mmmmm..... I think Sophie better start on her Christmas list!