Wednesday, June 17, 2015


 This is Mai Ling.    She was rescued by a caring vet and is being taken care of now.  She was matted and has been shaved down.   A new life has begun!
 She belonged to someone who kept her in the yard, threw food to her over the fence.   The owner was older and "forgot" how to take care of her.
 She is heartworm positive, but she began that treatment last week.   She will be kept quiet while going through treatment-- these pictures were taken before that began.
 She is playful, ten years old, and gets along with other pets.  
Mai Ling loves to give kisses and is so sweet.   She still has years to enjoy a family who has love to give her.   If you are interested in her, please email me at  

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lady jicky said...

Another lovely one Linda!

Oh if she only had a passport!

Mai Ling would make a wonderful pet for someone kind and loving :)