Saturday, June 20, 2015


It has been hot outside!   Nico and his buddy, Elwood the Boston, are both cool.  Of course, Elwood doesn't need a summer cut.  (Chip, can you believe there is another dog named Elwood! I love it!)
But, Nico was hot.
I think you look very handsome!
 Lu had a day at the spa, too.   He has three Peke brothers and I bet they had special days also.   Lu, you are adorable!!  
 Sweet Ollie looks so precious-- oh my, I could just kiss him.   He's Molly's special boy and now he has a new brother.   More on that another day.
Charlie is showing off her haircut.    I think the photo session was tiring her out.  Are you falling asleep sweet girl?
Daisy's dad was getting ready for the huge garage sale her dad is doing to raise money for our rescue dogs.   It was just exhausting for Daisy to supervise all that activity.   With Lexie, and now Marnie, we are so grateful to her dad for raising money for us!!!
Gracie looks very regal with her haircut.   There are so many lengths of summer cuts that they can have-- some shorter, some longer.    I think you are all just beautiful!

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lady jicky said...

Oh boy its freezing here . Very bitter winter this year! Not cuts here.

Everyone looks lovely in their summer cuts :)