Thursday, June 4, 2015


Shelby came into our rescue in 2012-- she was found by someone who gave her to us.
We found her owners since they had posted notices on her.
Recently, the owner asked if we would take her back-- she was going to have a baby and did not have time for Shelby.
We took her back in and she was not in good shape.    She had been diagnosed with dry eye when we had her before, but her eyes were worse now.    It's amazing how much drops can help if they are used.
She had several medical issues, so Jeanne started over with her care-- she will get her healthy again.
Shelby is a sweetheart!   She gets along with the other dogs and is feeling much better.
She has Jeanne's beautiful garden to wander in.    I love this garden!
She has a lot of beds to choose from and loves to curl up in them.   She is about eight pounds, a tiny thing.
She has the biggest eyes and is just so cute!
This picture was taken when we got her back, so she is improving by the day.   Welcome back, sweet Shelby-- we're so glad you came back to us.   We will find you a wonderful home!

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lady jicky said...

I would love to take Ms Shelby in a heartbeat! What a sweet Peke. Does she have a passport? LOL

I had a dog with "Dry Eye" and the drops that you can get these days are just wonderful !!!